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The StoryField #54: The One with Bruce Pulver about The Power of Our Words

January 08, 2024 The StoryField Season 1 Episode 54
The StoryField
The StoryField #54: The One with Bruce Pulver about The Power of Our Words
Show Notes

The morning after being laid off from his 25+ year career in the healthcare technology industry, Bruce awoke to the single word “STRONG” clearly speaking to him.

He took the word and within a minute wrote:

Go for it

That single word changed his life forever as he focused on finding a way to be STRONG that day just as he wrote it.

Over the next 400 days, he awoke with a single word or phrase clearly speaking to him in the same manner. These words, divinely downloaded, built a purpose and understanding of the power of a single word and its impact on how we handle go through and emerge from life’s challenges.

Bruce understands words are powerful.  Words are his passion. He knows our words can completely change our mindset and our life – just like they did for him.

After this layoff (his “Bam” moment) – he took each word and wrote to create an Amazon best-selling book entitled “Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter – Powerful words that changed my life forever”.   Pick up your signed copy here.

Bruce has gone on to do a TedTalk already reaching 340,000+ people.  Click here to watch it and be inspired.

Bruce is now speaking globally sharing his vital message that if we change the way we use our words, we can change the trajectory of our lives for the better.

Listen to this fascinating episode today and learn to ways to use words that will change your life forever!

Just like Bruce says “we all have unique GIFTS (God Installed Features To Share). They are ours to uncover, understand, develop and share with the world to make it a better place for all. 

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